Educational Programmes


Infants require an extra care and support as they fully rely on adults. We have trained teachers who support the infants through thoughtful interactions within a nurturing environment while recognising the importance of individual care and moments for learning.

 The teachers work close in partnership with parents and whanau to support the transition of infants into the Ngatea Early Learning centre evironment as they communicate regularly about the child’s interests, capabilities and needs.

Our teachers are familiar with research on how the infant brain develops and with this knowledge they support and extend their curiosity by creating areas, providing open-ended resources and experiences that offer opportunities for child-initiated learning to help under-2 children learn and grow.



Toddlers are active, curious and seeking to make sense of their world. This is an age when children learn significantly through play and physical activity. Our curriculum is responsive to toddler’s rapidly growing capabilities. It provides opportunities for individual exploration as well as social interactions. Teachers support toddlers’ social, cognitive and language capabilities by engaging them in meaningful learning experiences encourage the development of toddler’s confidence, independence, and many more lifelong skills.

Young children

Young children have an increasing capacity for language, inquiry and understanding for others point of view. They develop a greater awareness of themselves as learners and increasingly prefer interactions with their peers.

Our Emergent curriculum for young children provides a wide range of learning opportunities to experience new challenges and pursue self-selected learning goals. Such opportunities encourage children to expand their capabilities and support them in making a smooth transition to school.

Children are also encouraged to participate in group learning experiences where they extend their social skills that enable them to establish and maintain friendships.

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Transition to school programme

When young children are learning in preschool education environments they’re gathering the skills, knowledge and dispositions to cope with the diverse challenges of life, including the more immediate challenge of starting school.

During early childhood at Ngatea Early Learning Centre, the foundations for literacy and numeracy, decision making, perseverance, patience and creativity are developed through a range of play based learning experiences. Self-help and self-care skills are fostered within the children, along with the development of social competence leading up to the transition to school.